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spider vein unknown facts

Experiencing spider veins is not something to worry. The thing that might be stressful for you is, you look bad with spider veins and lose your confidence of exposing your legs in public. However, the good news is, they can be cured. Once the treatment is done, you can get your flawless legs back again.

In today’s’ advanced technology, getting rid of them is not at all a difficult task. Now, you can enjoy the sunny and warmer weather on the beach in your favorite shorts or swimming suits.

There are a number of interesting facts about spider veins that most of us don’t know. Read below to learn some of the unknown facts about spider veins.

Unknown Fact #1

They are not only visible on your legs:

Spider veins are the enlarged veins that become strained if you put extreme pressure on your lower body due to standing or sitting for a prolonged period of time. This is the reason that our legs experience the spider veins the most. However, it does not mean that they only happen on your legs. You can experience this medical condition on your face or at any part of the body.

Unknown Fact #2

Spider veins are not varicose veins:

The spider veins are red, blue or purple colored networks of veins that are visible. These veins look like spider webs or tree branches. Varicose veins are comparatively larger and they are raised from the skin. Varicose veins are more painful than spider veins.

Unknown Fact #3

There are some causes that cannot be controlled:

One can experience varicose veins due to a number of reasons. Though you can prevent some reasons, the reasons for spider veins due to the family background is not possible. However, you don’t need to worry! You can still treat the spider veins due to family history.

Unknown Fact #4

They are more common than you think they are:

Did you know approx 50 % to 55% women in the US suffer from this condition? That means, almost the half-of-the population in the US, experience any type of vein problem.

Unknown Fact #5

They are not only a cosmetic issue:

People often misinterpret that spider veins are nothing but a cosmetic issue. But the truth is, they are something more than just cosmetic concerns. In fact, they can be a sign of some serious conditions. Some symptoms of varicose veins might include the feeling of itching and burning.

Unknown Fact #6

The best time to treat them is winter:

This is true that spider veins are mostly visible in summer, but winter is the best time to treat them. This is because, in Winter, it takes less time to cure your wound.

If you are experiencing spider veins, don’t get panicked. Consult with sipder vein specialist and get the best treatment for your condition.