Our Vein Ablation and Leg Ulceration Treatment is Non-invasive

We treat varicose veins by applying laser or radiofrequency ablation therapy. The treatment is done as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia.

Our vein ablation treatment is minimally invasive. After your vein is numbed by our specialist doctors, a thin fiber is inserted into your vein by means of ultrasound guidance. Thereafter, thermal energy is delivered through the fiber. The heat produced will cauterize the vein and seal it closed.

Once the veins with the leaking valves are closed, a patient’s varicose vein will contract and shrink in appearance. After the diseased vein is sealed, the other healthy veins start carrying blood from your leg restoring normal flow to the heart.

Our procedure takes about an hour and will relieve you of the painful symptoms almost immediately.

Vein Treatments