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Radio frequency is not at all a new term in the medical history. In fact, it has been performed for years as a pain management treatment process. If you are experiencing chronic pain, radiofrequency ablation therapy might be the right choice for you. There is no denying the fact that any type of chronic pain can affect every aspect of your life. It becomes even more frustrating when it spreads all over your body. If you are a sufferer, you would know how difficult it is to deal with the pain.

This therapy uses energy in the radiofrequency spectrum in order to heat the affected tissue and ablate or destroy it. Don’t get panicked with the term destroy. It might seem scary, but it does not affect your body as such.

Radiofrequency ablation therapy is highly effective in treating the chronic pain due to damaged facet joints in the neck. In this treatment process, a small lesion is induced on the affected nerves to block the pain signals to the brain. This treatment can give you a long lasting relief.

When you come for an ablation treatment, the experienced doctor will check you up thoroughly to determine which nerves require treatment. By using the nerve block test, the specific nerves are numbed until the pain-causing nerves are identified.

The treatment process of Radiofrequency Ablation Therapy: step by step –

  • At first, a mild sedative is used by an intravenous or IV line to keep you comfortable.
  • The pain area (your neck or back) is cleaned thoroughly
  • With the help of local anesthesia, the area is numbed
  • The doctor uses fluoroscopy while inserting needle along the medial or lateral branch nerves
  • A small electrical current is applied to verify that the needle is at the right place.
  • When the microelectrode passes through the nerves along with the needle, it creates a tingling sensation.
  • Now, the radiofrequency current is passed through the microelectrode and heats up the nerve issues to block the pain.

You should avoid any type of rigorous activity for the day on which your treatment is performed.

Now the question is, is it safe?

Well, RFA is considered to be an absolutely safe treatment process for the chronic pain in your back or neck. You might experience a bruising or swelling at the treatment area with a little numbness or weakness. But, this will stay for a short while. There is no such major complication in radiofrequency ablation therapy.

How effective is the treatment?

I can say this is a million dollar question. The effectiveness of RFA is still controversial, especially when it comes to back pain treatment. However, for the neck pain or other chronic pains, it is an extremely effective treatment option that can relieve you from the pain for at least 2 years.

Have more questions?

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