Veins transport the deoxygenated blood from body parts to your heart and lungs. But when these veins become too thick and develop twists and turns, it results in varicose veins. There are many varicose veins symptoms, but before it all, you must know who suffers from it. Varicose veins also known as spider veins usually occurs in men and women of all ages. However, it affects pregnant women and older women mostly.

Who Suffers from this?

People having a family history of varicose veins suffer from it.  In fact, old age increases someone’s tendency to develop this. Some of the other factors include:

  • Inactive lifestyle
  • Birth abnormalities
  • Excessive weight gain
  • Prolonged standing
  • Pregnancy
  • Post surgery trauma
  • Straining

What are the Actual Causes?

Before finding the varicose veins symptoms, one must know the cause. The cause of varicose veins is not actually understood. In some cases, absence of valves in the vein results in poor venous circulation. This leads to varicose or spider veins.

In simple words, the weaknesses in the veins cause pooling of blood. The blood vessel walls become weak causing the blood volume to increase. This condition results in varicose veins. You cannot prevent varicose veins from occurring. However, wearing proper hosiery, maintaining body weight helps combat it.

How to Spot Varicose Veins?

Many people having varicose veins don’t really suffer from any physical difficulties. However, those people may suffer from the appearance of such peculiar veins on their skin. Some of the common varicose veins symptoms include: cramps, aches, swelling, itching, fatigue. Some patients also complain of pressure sensation from varicose vein and a dull ache.

Along with common symptoms, there are some rare symptoms.  These symptoms include formation of blood clots, bleeding, oozing dermatitis, and skin ulceration. If patients tend to suffer from this condition for too long, the skin becomes scarred and fibrotic. It results in an hourglass type look.

How to Avoid Varicose Veins Symptoms?

Avoiding varicose veins or spider veins is not difficult. But most patients aren’t aware of it. One of the best ways is to exercise regularly. Next, you need to watch your weight. Shedding extra pounds help avoid varicose veins. Avoiding high heels is necessary. You should avoid standing or sitting for long. Apart from this, you should also avoid sitting with the legs crossed.

How to Get it Treated

The best way to know about the treatment is by visiting the doctor. Since he knows what is right for you and your condition. Doctors usually start by diagnosing your condition. It is then followed by the treatment. Depending on the patients and the severity, it can take some time. Magnetic resonance and duplex scanning are necessary to treat the varicose veins symptoms.

Before visiting the doctor, you can try some immediate remedies. These include elevating the leg while sleeping or standing, compression dressing and more. If you are uncertain about the treatment, but spot many varicose veins symptoms, consult a doctor immediately.

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