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Spider veins are quite common nowadays, but it doesn’t make them less irritating. Proper blood circulation in the legs can actually help prevent it. Spider veins are red or blue veins that often spread across the legs as you tend to grow old. These are dilated superficial blood vessels like the varicose veins, but tend to become closer to the skin and appear smaller. Wondering what causes spider veins? There are numerous reasons that give rise to this vein condition.

There are not one, but many causes of spider veins. Even though these don’t actually cause serious issues, most people tend to undergo treatment for cosmetic reasons. The veins actually return the blood to the heart. The tiny vein valves open to allow the blood flow to the heart and close to stop it from flowing backward.

What Gives Rise to Spider Veins?

Spider veins are mainly caused due to increased pressure in the veins. Some of the common reasons for developing it includes excess pressure on the legs, hereditary, etc. In fact, it has also been seen that people standing long such as teachers or nurses tend to suffer from this condition more than others. Apart from finding what causes spider veins, you must know how to spot it. Some of these including swelling on legs, heaviness on legs, leg tiredness and more.

Common Causes of Spider Veins

Age Factor – As you tend grow older, the veins lose the elasticity causing these to stretch. Now, the valves in your vein become really weak thereby allowing the blood to flow backward instead of forward. The blood pools in the veins thereby making the veins large resulting in spider veins.

Gender Role – women have higher chances of getting affected by spider veins than men. Hormonal changes during pregnancy, menopause, etc. can be a factor since the female hormones relax the vein walls.

Pregnancy Reason – since spider veins are most likely to affect women, you can find it mostly in pregnant women. Pregnancy increases the blood volume in the body but reduces the blood flow from the legs to the pelvis. This circulation gets designed to support the fetus and at the same time causes spider veins. Pregnant women can either suffer from it for the first time or might get worse in late pregnancy.

Hereditary – Do you have family members who have spider veins or suffered from it? Then, there is a higher chance that you would suffer from it too.

Excess Weight – being overweight puts extra pressure on your legs and this is something that also causes spider veins. Apart from this, sitting or standing for long also causes spider veins since the blood doesn’t flow well.

Finally, if you are wondering what causes spider veins, the answer is many factors. It depends on gender age and other factors.