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Did you find bluish marks on your skin, especially on your legs? Is it giving you enough discomfort? Well, it is mostly due to varicose veins. Now you must be wondering as what causes varicose veins. There are numerous reasons that can give rise to this vein condition. However, there is absolutely nothing to get frightened, you can get it treated. Depending on the severity, the doctors can suggest you varicose veins treatments.

Varicose Veins Overview

One of the main causes is due to weak veins and valves. Inside the veins there are on-way valves that open up to allow the blood to flow and close it to prevent flowing backwards. Now, if these valves don’t work properly it results in varicose veins condition. But why someone actually suffers from this is not known. In fact, some people suffer from it for no actual reason.

Who are at an increased risk?

While varicose veins can occur to anyone even without any apparent reasons for it, there are some people who are more prone to suffering from varicose veins condition. Now, numerous reasons can actually increase the risk of you developing this vein condition. Being a woman, being pregnant, age, overweight are some of the factors. In order to understand what causes varicose veins, you need to go through these in details.

Gender Role

Gender has a prominent role to play in varicose veins. Women are more prone to suffer from it than men. Several researches show that it might be due to the female hormones that loosen the vein walls making it leak. Hormones are usually produced by the body, whereas the changes can occur due to menopause, premenstrual syndrome or pregnancy.

Genetics Factor

You have a higher chance of developing varicose veins if anyone in the family suffers from the condition. It might also suggest that varicose veins might be due to the genes (probably the unit of genes you have inherited from your parents).

Age Play

You might have heard that with age the veins tend to lose the elasticity. Now, the veins not only lose elasticity, but the valves within also stops working. This is one of the other reasons as older people tend to suffer more from varicose veins than young.

Overweight Issue

Being overweight also puts excess pressure on the veins. This means the veins need to work extra to send the blood back into the heart. This puts increased pressure on your valves, thereby making them vulnerable to leaking. Your body weight increases the chances of varicose veins.

Apart from these, any condition that puts excessive pressure on legs causes varicose veins. In some rare cases tumor and chronic constipation can also lead to this vein condition. Now, you know what causes varicose veins and controlling weight can be a helpful factor.