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There is nothing a pregnant woman wouldn’t do to stay fit and healthy. But there are times when things go beyond imagination. No matter how well you take care of yourself, sudden health issues can put you in worry. A varicose vein is one such condition that is often seen in pregnant women. You might have come across with it as well. Did you notice the bluish or greenish veins on the legs of a pregnant woman? Well, that’s nothing but varicose veins. However, with proper varicose vein treatment from the best clinic in Huntington Beach, you can deal with the condition.

First Encounter With Varicose Veins

Most pregnant women notice varicose veins during the later stage of pregnancy. It usually doesn’t come up during the first or second trimester. But when you approach the last one or two months you can find the bulging. As I had experienced, it often starts with discomfort. I found it difficult to stand for long hours. There was always some numbness associated with it.

Third Trimester Brings Pain, Bulging Veins

Gradually, pregnant women would notice that the pain becomes unbearable. In fact, you would also notice wearing support hose wouldn’t work either. Not add more to the agony, the ugly appearance was unavoidable. But you need to combat it, but with care.

But soon I noticed bluish veins on my legs. You can even feel soreness at the back of the knee when you touch it gently. I also felt as if I was hit there. The excruciating pain was annoying. In fact, you might as well want someone to grab your legs and press it to ease the pain.

As most pregnant women choose to bear it, the best thing would be to visit a proper vein clinic to avail varicose vein treatment. Along with this, getting up in the morning was always with a fear of dealing with the pain.

Consulting a Doctor

I researched online for the best clinic in Huntington Beach for the treatment. Many people, including friends and family, suggested treatments. But I wanted to be sure I visit the best doctor and clinic for the varicose vein treatment.

Many doctors would suggest you wear compression stockings till the pain seizes. But I don’t think it would work. It has not worked in my case. It was then I visited one of the finest and well-renowned clinics and the doctor offered a thorough examination.

My condition was not very serious so he suggested some treatments. The minimally invasive approach was a boon for the condition. The result was right in front of the eyes.

Post Procedure Care

After undergoing the treatment, you need to follow some care so that you can get back to normal life.

  • You need to keep the compression and bandages dry, so skipping shower is a must.
  • You need to get up every hour to allow blood flow and prevent blood clots.
  • When sleeping, rise up the legs to reduce swelling.
  • You also need to start walking after the first day for at least 30 minutes. Apart from this, you also shouldn’t lift any weight.

Finally, fighting varicose veins even with pregnancy is not difficult. Simply avail the best varicose vein treatment from the finest clinic and you are good to go.